Find Your Perfect Fit

You may find it helpful to read the sizing guide below before you place your order.It may surprise you to know but shoe sizes can vary slightly from one manufacturer to another, and children’s feet come in many shapes and sizes! In order to help you to determine the best shoe size to buy for your little Princess, we’ve come up with a sizing guide.

So, always measure both feet and use the measurement from the wall to the end of the longest toe on the largest foot.

Sparkle Shoes
Infant size 4Approx foot length 117mm to 124mm
Infant size 5Approx foot length 125mm to 131mm
Infant size 6Approx foot length 132mm to 139mm
Infant size 7Approx foot length 140mm to 146mm
Size 8Approx foot length 147mm to 153mm
Size 9Approx foot length 154mm to 162mm
Size 10Approx foot length 163mm to 170mm
Size 11Approx foot length 171mm to 177mm
Size 12Approx foot length 178mm to 185mm
Size 13Approx foot length 186mm to 193mm
Size 1Approx foot length 194mm to 201mm
Size 2 Approx foot length 202mm to 210mm
Size 3Approx foot length 211mm to 218mm
Size 4Approx foot length 219mm to 227mm

This is only an approximate guide to fitting and does not take into account width fittings etc but it should help to give an indication of size. All of our shoes have an average width fitting.