Year 6 Leaving Party – what’s yours?
Posted on: 9 May 2016

Your daughter or son has grown up quickly before your eyes and its almost time to start senior school but they have one last chance to have some fun with their classmates who they have usually been with since they were 4 or 5. How do they celebrate? We would love to hear about your celebrations and here are a few we have heard of ourselves.

Outdoor Parties

Yummy food
Yummy food

How about a BBQ, food is easy burgers, sausages, bread rolls, lots of orange squash and fruit. This can transfer to a Beach Party too just add some ice cream.

Outside games are so much fun how about this water bucket relay!

Water bucket relay
Water bucket relay


We can think of lots more – tug of war, limbo, sack races, egg and spoon, duck for apples, rounders … what else can you think of?

What to wear – casual preferably old clothes that wash easily oh and don’t forget the sun cream! Swimming costumes with shorts and flip flops. Wish I was still 11 this sounds fabulous.

What about a day out to a water park or a fun park, take their own sandwiches etc or even better organise a big picnic so that they can all eat together sitting on blankets. What to wear smart casual jeans, legging t-shirts, canvas shoes or trainers for comfort and most importantly in UK a fold away kagool!

Pretty sparkly girls casual shoes
Pretty sparkly girls casual shoes


Indoor parties

The more traditional type of school leaving party involves a disco and girls dressing up in pretty dresses and sparkly party shoes. Boys in nice smart shirts and their hair combed down at first and then later well you know boys!! Maybe a theme could be used glam and glitz or black and white, colours of the rainbow… the hall could be decorated with the theme in mind. Chocolate fountain is a must along with a buffet and cup cakes perhaps. Non alcoholic cocktails – mocktails are fun too.


Each pupil could take a book so that they can get comments from everyone in class and how about a frame to hold so that pictures can be taken of friends together?


If the school hall is not suitable then the local restaurant may have big enough tables and do a deal mid week. Transport is fun these days and can range from a long sleek limo to a VW van.





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Written by: Jane Proctor
9 May 2016