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Posted on: 19 January 2021

It’s a brand new year, and it’s safe to say most of us are very glad to see the back of 2020! Countless plans were delayed or cancelled entirely, including family celebrations and weddings. But now that we’re moving into a brand new year, hope is on the horizon that life can get back to normal soon, so plans are being made anew. And now, we’re happy to say, that’s exactly where we can help at the Sparkle Club.

Though we’ve already established an excellent reputation for our expansive range of beautiful and sparkly shoes for little girls, we’re now branching out further into the wedding sector, and on a mission to help brides get prepared for their big day too. So if you’re in the middle of rescheduling your wedding for next year – or even the coming months! – we’ve already got some brand new items in stock that we think you’ll love.

Wedding planners and notebooks

When it comes to your wedding day, it’s only natural that you’ll want everything to be perfect. And as we all know, all too often perfection takes planning! The most enjoyable weddings are the most well-organised ones – too much disorganisation can lead to missed cues, fumbled speeches, and hungry and unhappy guests.

That’s where our wedding stationery comes in handy, helping you plan your wedding down to the very last detail – making sure that not only do you have a spectacular day, but that it’s unforgettable for your friends and family as well. Wedding notebooks in particular are very handy in the early days of planning your wedding, and keeping track of your favourite options when you find yourself visiting so many different bridal shops, caterers, weddings shows and other shops.

Wedding planners are also helpful for making note of the most exciting stuff like your favourite dresses and wedding toppers. What’s more though, they’re also exceptionally useful for the the less exciting stuff, like working out budgeting and logistics.


Wedding guest books

One of the most wonderful aspects of your wedding day is the time you share with your most treasured friends and family, and the memories you all make together. A wedding guest book is the perfect way to immortalise that, offering guests the chance to share their favourite moments and their well wishes for you. It’s a brilliant keepsake, far more durable than gift cards, and something that you can treasure for many years afterwards.

Plus, it can be truly rewarding to see your special day from someone else’s point of view. Their highlights of the day might be something you’ve not spotted, for example – a sweet conversation between grandparents, the formation of budding new friendships, or the heart-melting of an enthusiastic child really going for it on the dance floor!


And lots more…!

We have a couple more options for you currently available on our site, including handy sticky notes (great for marking your place in bridal magazines), or the keepsake blue tin, with beautiful gold touches that sparkle in the light. This is just our initial offering though – as we move further into 2021, we’ll have plenty more for you to enjoy, so watch this space! And if you’re looking for anything in particular to plan for your big day, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01254 296544 or enquiries@thesparkleclub.co.uk, and we’ll do everything we can to help!

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Written by: Jane Proctor
19 January 2021