Tradition of Pumpkins at Halloween
Posted on: 19 October 2016

Pumpkin carving being associated with Halloween comes from a method used by the Celts to ward off evil spirits during Samuin (a festival where many of the traditions of Halloween come from).  The Celts would hollow out turnips, then carve faces in them and place candles inside.  The turnips were then either placed in the windows, to keep evil spirits from entering a home, or carried around as lanterns.

Irish immigrants to America took the tradition with them. The pumpkin was an indigenous American surprise for the Irish, who couldn’t get over how big and cavernous its hollowed-out insides could be. When it came time to choose a fall vegetable to stick a candle in, pumpkins easily beat out the meagre turnip, and pumpkins became the lantern of choice.

There are lots of styles of pumpkins and here are a few unusual ones

Cute as a button!
Cute as a button!
OOh Minnie


Sparkles all round!
Our favourite here at The Sparkle Club!



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