Sunny footwear essentials for your summer holidays!
Posted on: 21 June 2019 Holding-hands

It’s official – today is the first day of summer, and it couldn’t have come quickly enough! The sunny weather has been a little slow to get started this year, but hopefully we’re now in for brighter weather! Personally here at the Sparkle Club we’ve been busy thinking of all sorts of ways that you can enjoy some fantastic days out with your special girl. Here at the Sparkle Club, we’ve got all the footwear she’ll need to have an amazing time, ranging from sandals for the sunshine and sneakers and trainers for the cooler days. Here are our suggestions on how to enjoy them.

A beautiful day out at the beach

Britain’s beaches might not be the famous scorchers that they’re used to in sunnier European countries, but we’re proud to say that our seaside locations have a natural charm all of their own. Whether you’re pitching your parasols ready for some ocean paddling, or you’re getting equipped with bucket and spades ready for some crabbing, there’s all sorts of fun to be had at British seasides. Blackpool is arguably one of the North West’s most famous seaside towns, but you can also find some wonderful locations in Merseyside, or even closer at St Anne’s beach right here in Lancashire!

Recommended shoes: For all things beachside, our silver sparkly fashion summer sandals fit the bill!

Marvel at fantastic creatures in a day out at the zoo or aquarium

As a general rule children love animals, which makes a zoo or aquarium a sure bet when you’re looking for entertaining days out as a family. Very few children won’t be entertained by the sight of the more exotic animals – lions and octopi being the first that spring to mind. The majority of aquariums are indoor environments, whereas most zoos tend to expose you to the elements a little more. Of course, whichever one you’re going to, both involve a lot of wandering around, which means that decent footwear is a must!

Recommended shoes: Our flamingo slider sandals are great for keeping your little girl cool and comfortable in hot outdoor environments, whereas rainbow pastel sparkly trainers are ideal for the cooler or more overcast days.

Revel in the sunshine at theme parks, fairgrounds or local festivals


Although there are still options in the wintery months, the summer is when the majority of fairgrounds and local festivals tend to be held, and theme parks see their biggest crowds of attendees. Up here in the North West, Alton Towers is a particularly popular option at this time of year – but don’t underestimate the size of it! Depending on which rides you want to go to, there can be a lot of distance between them. That’s not to say they’ll be boring walks – there’s a lot of beautiful sights scattered across the park – but it’s still definitely worth thinking about footwear before you go! Smaller fairgrounds can be even better, especially if you’ve got younger children with you, and the waits for rides are a lot shorter, too!

Recommended shoes: Our girls white and sparkly silver unicorn trainers are ideal for keeping girls comfortable on extended days out, and she even can impress her friends with slip on skater shoes with a sparkly rainbow design!

These are just some of our suggestions, of course – you may well have your own ideas! And when it comes to footwear inspiration, we’ve got no shortage of options right here on our site! You can browse our full range of girls shoes here, or if you’re looking for something specific you can always give us a call on 01254 296 544, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

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Written by: Jane Proctor
21 June 2019