Little girls dressing-up ideas that are perfect for autumn!
Posted on: 28 October 2019 Sparkle Club - Featured Image 1

As we move into the colder and soggier months, it can be difficult to keep the cabin fever at bay. But, luckily most children enjoy dressing-up and playing pretend.

You can let their little imaginations run wild with these five amazing characters which compliment perfectly with our girls red sparkly shoes!

Red Ridding Hood

One of the first classic outfits that comes to mind if you’re looking for new outfits to ignite imagination in children is the tale of Red Ridding Hood. This story can be told in many variations and if you’re a bit handy with a sewing machine it can be quite easy to create a stylish cape for dressing up!

Your little girl will love playing with the cape inside and may want to wear it out — we do put this in as a bit of warning. But, once she’s got the cape what better way to complete the look than a pair of our red sparkly shoes? We carry a full range of sizes to fit most girls from infants to larger girls size 4!

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Our shoes are designed to look stunning with Dorothy costumes and outfits if your little girl fancy’s a trip to the magical land of Oz! The land of Oz has several magical lands for your little one to pretend to visit including Munchkin Country, Gillikin Country, Qualdling Country, and Winkie Country.

Your little girl can could even imagine visiting the Emerald City or meeting the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, or Scarecrow! You might even be able to find a cute little dog toy to top off the outfit and take it to the next level.

We love this costume so much and owe part of it to getting us to where we are today. And if your far more in love with the books than the movie you could opt for our sparkly silver shoes to have the most authentic look!

Snow White

And what dressing-up list would be complete without having a princess? None!
We’ve selected Snow White as our choice because of the way our girls red sparkly shoes can make the outfit even more glittery and shiny. Snow White is a great dress up character because she’s kind of that person that’s friends with everyone. This can open opportunities to talk about friendships or watch her imagine them.

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She could imagine living in a world where she can sing to animals, travel great distance, or even be sabotaged by an evil queen! Who knows maybe she could even defeat the evil queen herself.

Other fantastic dressing-up ideas for girls with red sparkly shoes include Wonder Woman, vampire princess, zombie cheerleader, or even a classic witch with red sparkly shoes.

We know tastes and play preferences may vary for each child and we’ve tried to cover a large range to help inspire creativity and fun for dressing up! If you are looking for the perfect girls red sparkly shoes to complete a specific outfit we’ve got you covered.

At the Sparkle Club, we have a fantastic range of childrens sparkly shoes to go with just about every dressing-up character you can think of! But, if you’re having trouble deciding which of our products to choose, we’re always on hand — just give us a call on 01254 296 544.

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Written by: Jane Proctor
28 October 2019