Our favourite girls sparkly shoes for every summer party!
Posted on: 26 July 2019 three young girls in party clothes with gifts and birthday hats

This summer we have the ultimate list of girls sparkly shoes for every occasion from family barbecues to afternoon tea and even birthday parties. You name it and we have a sparkly pair of shoes to go with it!

In this hand-picked list, we will take you through our favourite trendy girls party shoes to help you decide which shoes to buy for your little princess.

Our girls glitter shoes look fantastic when paired with trendy embroidered dresses and can jazz-up simple cotton dresses instantly making them party ready!

Let’s get disco ready!

girls silver glitter sparkly party shoes


Let’s start with all of the Sparkle Club teams favourite low-heeled shoes which have been selected with enough heel to satisfy parents and to make little girls feel a little more grown-up.

These silver beauties are the perfect girls shoes to dance the night away and will glitter like disco balls! This pair of silver glitter shoes have enough room for dainty socks, but they also look great without — the choice is yours.

Can’t beat the classics

girls black glitter low heel party shoes


You can’t really go wrong with a glittery black party shoe and these dark gems are a stylish choice in a classic colour! The black glitter heeled party shoes will match a tonne of outfits for this party and the next. If you’re looking for a simple but sparkly low-heel option with enough room for socks, these might be just what you need.

Enjoy the sunset

dusty pink - low heel (COM)


Last, of the low-heeled options, are these gorgeous dusky pink glitter girls shoes! We absolutely love these because they remind us of lovely summer sunsets like something out of a storybook.

These pink shimmery shoes are perfect for unicorn or mermaid themed birthday parties, outdoor barbecues, picnics, or dinners out. No matter where your little girl wears them these are sure to turn heads!

We also stock the popular red sparkly glitter low-heeled shoes which are perfect for afternoon tea and dress-up.

Midnight ballet

girls dark blue sparkly glitter ballerina party shoes


While most little girls won’t be up until midnight — these dark blue sparkly glitter ballerina shoes have a rich colour which was inspired by the stars in the night sky.

These versatile flat shoes work for all types of indoor or outdoor parties. And look absolutely stunning with jeans, short dresses, and gowns.

Chances are if you need a comfortable flat shoe either with or without socks these are a perfect option!

Just like mum…

girls pink sparkly glitter wedge sandals party shoes


Wedges are back in this summer and with these pink sparkly glitter wedges, you little girl can match your style! These low wedges are a nice height for girls and will look fantastic with coloured denims or to match bright colours.

This pair of wedges has an elastic stretch band with 5 options of fit to go around socks or a thin pair tights.

As you can see, we have hand-picked several colours of girls party shoes the classics like black and blue to match a wide range of party dresses and outfits to suit your little girl!

And if you need something a little more casual why not take a look at these trendy girls reversible sequin high tops or these silver sparkly pom pom trainers?

We offer a fantastic range of sparkly party shoes at the Sparkle Club, but, if you’re having trouble deciding which of our products to choose, we’re always on hand — just give us a call on 01254 296 544.

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Written by: Jane Proctor
26 July 2019