Fun birthday party ideas for coming out of lockdown
Posted on: 20 August 2020 little girl pink background with balloons and pink crown

The strictest lockdown measures are starting to ease across the UK, but the government is still advising against holding large gatherings – which is certainly sensible, but not necessarily good news if your little girl has her summer birthday party coming up! Having a fun children’s birthday party without guests can always be a challenge, but we’re here to the rescue at Sparkle Club. We’ve got a couple of ideas to help your little girl enjoy her birthday in style, with some suggestions for activities, games, and one or two presents to help keep a smile on her face!

Make her the star

This is probably going to be a birthday that’s quite unlike one she’s had before, so here’s one of the best ways to make sure it’s memorable for all the right reasons! Getting her involved right from the beginning can help ensure that everything is absolutely perfect, so there’s little time for her to feel bored or sad. When the time comes to ask her what presents she wants, it’s also a good idea to ask her about the theme she wants for her special day, as well as what games or activities she’d enjoy playing. In fact, the theme is a good place to start…

Set the theme for her special day

The theme is one of the best places to start first, as it’ll affect the look and feel of everything from the decorations, food, and even the costumes (we’ll get to those in just a moment!). Since you’ll probably be holding lots of her birthday party at home, there are a few advantages to not having quite so many child-size guests in the house as you normally would. For example, it means you can go a little crazier with the decorations, without so much fear that they’ll be trampled on, picked at or tripped over. You can even make an activity out of letting her help with them, which can be fun enough in itself!

Then you’ll need to think about the cake – will you get one that’s exactly what she’s after, or might she prefer something that ends up being a wonderful surprise? Don’t forget, in many ways it’s the centrepiece of the entire day, so be sure to choose carefully!

The theme can also set the tone for any fancy dress costumes. We’ve got plenty of accessories, girls sparkly shoes and girls party shoes for fancy dress costumes right here on our site, but if you can manage it, you might want to try and persuade the whole family to get involved with dressing up. In some cases, the sillier the better. (If your little girl is ever feeling lonely on her birthday, there’s nothing quite like seeing Dad in a fluffy tutu to take her mind off things!)

Decide on the activities

We’ve got plenty of ideas for presents and gifts for your precious girl right here on our website, but the activities are important too – and if they can fit right in with your theme, all the better! A teddy bear’s picnic is perfect for a July birthday, and it provides the perfect opportunity for her to try out new presents, such as a tea set like the one below!

Alternatively, dancing and karaoke is one where you’re sure never to go wrong. There’s a bit of science behind the fact that singing is great for raising our spirits, and once again it’s very easy to fit it in with the theme. Singing “Let It Go” with the whole family while you’re all dressed as Disney princesses is sure to be a beautifully memorable experience.

And if she’s not a fan of that, you could try something a little unorthodox – a bouncy castle for one! Traditionally, it’s an activity most children like to share with friends, but she might get a lot of pleasure from not having to share the space with anyone, and having as much space and freedom to bounce around as she likes. Just don’t forget to make sure she takes off any sparkly shoes first, if she’s wearing any!

If you’re looking for any ideas for birthday gifts or silver jewellery, look no further – we’ve got no shortage of them right here at the Sparkle Club! Feel free to browse our site for any that catch your eye, and if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01254 296 554.

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Written by: Jane Proctor
20 August 2020