Competition to win a pair of party shoes
Posted on: 15 June 2016

We love our girls sparkly party shoes and we have given them all a name, they are designed with special occasions in mind and here is a story about 3 of them. Why not get your princess to write a short story about any one of our girls sparkly party shoes for a chance to win a pair of shoes of her choice. Just send the story to , winners announced end of July.

MILLIE our red sparkly low heeled shoes

Millie is red and sparkly and loves to party.

She recently went to a Queens birthday celebration street party. The party was all about the Queens reign through the years and everyone had to dress in red, white and blue. There were long trestle tables and lots of red white and blue balloons, Millie loves balloons. There was lots to eats, all the grown ups were happy and the children played great games.

Later on there was music and everyone danced in the street, it was the best day ever and Millie went to bed to dream abut her very favourite thing, dressing up as Dorothy for the Wizard of Oz and walking down the yellow brick road!

ANNA our ivory sparkly special occasion low heeled shoes

Anna is ivory and sparkly with a satin bow and adores weddings.


She has been invited to a lot of weddings and enjoyed them all but has noticed that the older girls weren’t able to wear her shoes so she has gone bigger and now is in size 10 up to older girls 6. All kinds of weddings make Anna cry with happiness but the best one she has been to recently was in Italy at Lake Garda a place called Malcesine. When Anna got up the sun was shining brightly and she looked out of her window and saw the magical castle where the wedding was going to be. She put on her bridesmaid dress and accessories and off she went.


The bride was beautiful and the ceremony went without a hitch. The best part was to come, they all walked down to the harbour with people looking at the wedding party and clapping, she could hear people saying look at the beautiful bridesmaid and she walked along on cloud nine. Next they all got on a boat and sailed across the lake to Limone to a hotel for a meal and drinks and later dancing. What a fabulous time one which Anna will never forget along with her gift of a pretty silver necklace.


EVELYN the new kid on the block all pink and sparkly

Evelyn has just joined the group of girls party shoes at The Sparkle Club and she is very excited. She is a bit different to the others as she has a sling back and peep toe but they have accepted her and as she is pink and sparkly she is sure she will do well!Evelyn loves summer holidays and especially the time in the evening when the family get dressed up and go out for a meal all together. She has some very pretty dresses to wear to show of her extra special large satin flower trim. The excitement of packing up and the anticipation of new places, sun sand and sea and no school is just great.

This year she is going to St Ives in Cornwall and has heard lots of good things about it. During the day the beaches in the area are just beautiful and the sea turquoise and then at night the hotel has entertainment so Evelyn will be in her element she just can’t wait.



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The sparkle club, shoes for your little princess
Written by: Jane Proctor
15 June 2016