The best sparkle shoes for Spring birthday parties!
Posted on: 12 March 2020 little girls hugging at princess birthday party

Spring is starting very soon – and after the darkness of winter, it’s always a particularly lovely time for your precious little girl to have a birthday party! Many young girls tend to take their birthdays quite seriously (who can blame them?) so it’s always a wonderful feeling to make her feel extra-special on her special day. That’s where we can help at the Sparkle Club – we’ve got tonnes of ideas to make sure that your little girl’s day is as memorable as it can be, with a huge range of girls sparkly shoes and girls occasion shoes to choose from! Here are just a few of our favourite ideas…

Choosing a theme

Before you start shopping for your little girl, it’s first worth finding out exactly what sort of party she wants! Happily, there’s a wide variety of themes she could choose from, ranging from unicorns and mermaids to Disney – and of course Disney princesses. As you might expect, princesses are always a popular choice for young girls, and today there’s more of them than ever before, so your little girl will probably already have her own personal hero!

Elsa is a longtime favourite, as well as Princess Jasmine and Belle from Beauty and the Beast – who might love some of the blue shoes we’ve got here at the Sparkle Club! Plus, choosing a theme for your party allows you to think about all the brilliant games you can play, for example setting up some ‘Brave’ bow and arrow practice for Merida, or challenging the birthday girl and her guests to a game of The Last Rose Petal from Beauty and the Beast, in which they do their best to keep a balloon in the air for as long as they can!

Birthday sparkle shoes we love

We’ve got a few favourites of our own here at the Sparkle Club, so if you or your little girl are still picking out your favourites, allow us to help you get started!

Girls pink sparkly glitter heeled party shoes

These glitter heeled party shoes are one of the newest additions to our range here at the Sparkle Club, and with their vibrant colour, they’re brilliant for putting the finishing touches on a Princess Aurora or Rapunzel outfit! Each shoe has an adjustable strap with a silver buckle fastening, and the in-socks have extra padding so that you can ensure that your precious girl always stays comfortable and happy throughout the birthday celebrations! The bow in particular is a wonderfully eye catching feature, and makes them a popular choice for many little girls!

dusty pink - low heel (COM)

Girls pale pink sparkly ballerina party shoes

If your little girl would prefer something even more delicate and understated, she may love our pink ballerina party shoes! Each one is decorated with pastel rainbow glitter, the exact shade of which can vary from shoe to shoe – ensuring that each pair is unique in a subtle but distinct way. Once again, you can rest assured that she’ll stay comfortable thanks to the extra padding in the in-socks, and the adjustable strap. The bow on the front adds a final graceful touch.

Girls dark blue velvet low heeled party shoes

Now for something a little different! While the pink shoes are perfect for achieving a pretty, delicate look, our dark blue velvet shoes are ideal for princesses known to favour blue – like the Belles or Meridas we mentioned above! The closed toe means it’s great for a busy birthday party environment, protecting her from any accidents, and the blue glitter heel combines with the silver square buckle to give your little girl a particularly regal, elegant appearance.

These are just a few examples, of course – we’ve got plenty of others in our huge range of girls occasion shoes and girls sparkle shoes! You can browse them right here on our site – and if you need any help or advice you can always contact us on, or give us a call on 01254 296544. We’re here to help!

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Written by: Jane Proctor
12 March 2020