The best kids sparkly shoes for dressing-up
Posted on: 28 August 2019 princess in play room

Sparkly shoes for children are whimsical and fun – giving them a wide appeal for various activities, especially dressing-up!

There’s something about the vibrant colours and how the array of sparkles shimmer in the sunlight – that appeals to the creative minds of children.

We will discuss the benefits of dressing-up and will offer advice to help you select the best pair of children’s sparkly shoes to go with any number of fairy tale characters!

What is dressing-up play?

Children at specific stages of development will use forms of imitation play to explore life.

One form of imitation and exploration play is dressing-up. This type of play can help children explore the roles, emotions, and motivations of other people which will help the child learn more about themselves.


There is a long list of benefits for children playing dressing-up. Through this type of play, children can learn how to read other peoples emotions, how to express their emotions and can encourage children to use their imaginations.

Creativity and healthy forms of self-expression are important for the development of young people.

Whether it’s learning to solve a problem as a superhero, care for animals as a farmer, learn humour by imitating a cartoon, manners through tea parties or queen/princess play, or to explore how animals interact with humans – dress play has a lot of developmental benefits!

Dressing-up shoes

When selecting the best shoes for dressing-up its important to think about how your child might use them during play. Are they going to be playing in the garden or their room? Will they be allowed to wear these shoes out of the house?

Does your child return to the same character over and over? Or do they have a specific outfit they prefer?

All of these little details might impact which shoes will be the best for your child! To help get you started, we’ve outlined some shoe ideas for the most common dressing-up outfits.

fairy tale princess with book and apples

Princess or Prince

Nothing says “royalty” more than a pair of glittery gold girls shoes or even a shimmering pair of silver shoes!

These shoes can make a statement and will look super cute with a large range of princess dresses from Cinderella to Snow White or Rapunzel to Sleeping Beauty!

Book Characters

World Book Day is still a ways off – but, many children enjoy playing as their favourite book characters all throughout the year! Many popular characters include Matilda, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and other classics like Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

If you are looking for the perfect girls red sparkly shoes or girls pink shoes to complete a fairy tale look we’ve got you covered.

At the Sparkle Club, we have a fantastic range of children sparkly shoes to go with just about every dressing-up character you can think of! But, if you’re having trouble deciding which of our products to choose, we’re always on hand — just give us a call on 01254 296 544.

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Written by: Jane Proctor
28 August 2019