5 of the best red sparkly shoes to give her outfit extra Christmas cheer
Posted on: 3 December 2020 edie_1_1 (1)

This year has really whizzed by, hasn’t it? After the craziness of the year’s events, it’s safe to say to say that plenty of us are looking forward to seeing our extended families again. It’s also a very exciting time for your little girl, especially as Christmas has long been associated with good food, and presents, and seeing much-loved family members – even if things might be slightly different this year! So if she’s already planning her outfit for the event, or if you’re looking for a few ideas for some Christmas presents to make her day truly special, here are five of our top suggestions for sparkle shoes!

Infant girls dark red sparkly ankle boots

These are amongst our newest arrivals here at the Sparkle Club, and they’re already proving to be very popular! As we’ve already touched upon above, Christmas can be an endlessly exciting time for little girls, so if you think she might be doing a fair bit of running around, our infant girls dark red sparkly ankle boots are very practical options – especially if you’re lucky enough to see some sunshine on Christmas Day itself. The glitter and stars on these red sparkly shoes also make them nicely festive, too!

jessie (1)

Girls dark red velvet ballerina party shoes

Another of our newest arrivals! Our girls dark red velvet ballerina party shoes are, in a word, luxurious – so your little girl is sure to love them. Their elegance speaks to the idea of a very refined classic Christmas, with posh chocs and gold and white lace, and Bing Crosby on the radio. As well as looking amazing, these shoes are very practical if your precious girl does indeed do any dancing – after all, Christmas is the perfect time for her to show off some of her moves to the assembled family!


Agatha-Girls-red-velvet-ballerinas (1)Girls deep red velvet sparkly low heeled party shoes

If she likes the ballerina party shoes but she wants something with a slightly different kind of elegance, our girls deep red velvet sparkly low heeled party shoes are a fantastic alternative. They’re made for partying, and strike that perfect balance between comfort and effortless style. If she’s planning on trying on a brand new outfit for Christmas, they’ll make the ideal finishing touches!

edie_1 (1)

Girls red sparkly low heeled party shoes

OK, so let’s look at something a little different! Our girls red sparkly low heeled party shoes are definitely the best red sparkly shoes to go for if she prefers a shade that’s not quite as rich, but a lot more vibrant. With their bright red colour and durable but luxurious material, they’re comfortable but very attractive shoes that are wonderful for getting some extra Christmas cheer into her outfit – or inspiring it in the people around her!

Or if you want to go one step further, we’ve also got shoes just like these ones available as part of our special gift sets here at the Sparkle Club. This girls red sparkly low heeled shoes gift set includes some pretty bows and a small bag – which can be great for carrying around some of her smaller presents on the day!

newmillie_4 (1)

Alternatively, you might want to consider any of the above as gifts for the big day itself, and enjoy the look on her face when she opens them! Of course, we’ve got no shortage of others to choose from here at the Sparkle Club, including a whole range of the perfect gift sets for Christmas. Feel free to search for your new favourites around the rest of our site – and if you’re looking for any advice or you’re searching for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let us know. You can give us a call on 01254 296 554, and we’d love to see what we can do to help.

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Written by: Jane Proctor
3 December 2020