3 reasons why now is the perfect time to buy Back To School shoes
Posted on: 28 August 2020 castle-unicorn-school-shoes2

With all that time off school in lockdown, this year’s summer holidays might seem like they’ve lasted forever, but there are only a few more weeks until your little girl goes back to school! Our last post here on the blog covered the 10 most important rules that you’ll both need to know before she goes back, and you’re probably already midway through making sure that she’s properly prepared, and has everything she needs.

If you haven’t yet got around to buying her a new set of school shoes, you’re in exactly the right place. As well as our huge range of sparkly shoes, we’ve also got a great Back To School range here at the Sparkle Club, so if you’ve got your eye on something like our girls black patent unicorn school shoes, now is the perfect time to buy them. Here are a few reasons why!

It helps you make sure they’re comfortable

Some parents like to be extra-prepared by buying new school shoes weeks before the start of term, sometimes even as early as the start of the summer holidays. However, there’s a bit of a risk associated with that. Children’s feet tend to grow over the summer holidays, and while girls feet don’t grow quite as quickly as those of little boys, it can still mean that the smart new shoes you bought at the beginning of summer can end up being ill-fitting and uncomfortable by the start of term!

That’s why timing is so important – you’ll want to leave it late enough so that your little girls’ feet have already done the majority of their growing over the summer holidays, but not so late that you’re running around like a headless chicken a few days before the start of term, trying to get everything sorted.

Traditionally, the best time to get your little girl’s feet measured is mid-way through August by an in-store shoe specialist – so if you’ve not already done it, now’s a good time! Comfort is one of the single most important aspects of buying sparkly shoes and school shoes for little girls, as they’re no good if she doesn’t enjoy wearing them!


You’ve still got time to check the rules (and find something to suit them)

If your little girl is starting at a new school this September, it’s worth checking the uniform guidelines before you commit to a purchase, just in case. Uniform policies, including those regarding school shoes, can differ quite drastically from school to school. Some can be very strict with their requirements for school shoes, while others might be OK with letting your little girl express a little more stylish side with her footwear!
If you’re unsure, our black leather school Mary Jane shoes are always safe options that will fit with even the strictest uniform policies. Or, our girls black patent school shoes with flower trims can strike just the right balance between playfulness and seriousness, allowing your little girl a little more freedom to express herself without drawing any disapproving glances from school staff.

Plus, once you’re confident you’ve got a good handle on the school uniform policy, your little girl might even like to choose her own! And that brings us neatly onto the final reason that you shouldn’t wait too long to buy new Back-to-School shoes…

You’ve still got plenty of choice

Leaving things to the last minute can bring all sorts of hassle – items ordered online might not arrive in time, or you might find yourself having to deal with crowded shoe shops (large crowds having been a particular cause for concern throughout 2020!). But one of the most annoying problems that can sometimes arise is to find that the school shoes you might have wanted are simply out of stock.

Don’t worry just yet though – we’ve got plenty of beautiful school shoes still in stock here at the Sparkle Club, all of them with easy velcro fasteners so they’re easy to slip on and off, while sparkling with personality – like these pretty girls black patent school shoes with Unicorn detail, for example!

Feel free to explore the rest of our range – we’ve got plenty of designs for you and your little girl to choose from, including flowers, stars and sparkle, plus a free headband with every pair!

And if you’re looking for any advice or for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let us know – just give us a call on 01254 296 554, and we’ll be happy to see what we can do to help!

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Written by: Jane Proctor
28 August 2020