3 fantastic reasons to choose holiday sliders this summer
Posted on: 30 May 2019 flamingoslider

Summer is almost here, which means that warmer and brighter weather is right around the corner – although you wouldn’t know it to look out the window sometimes! Now is the point when you may already be thinking about your summer holiday, whether you’ve booked a family holiday abroad, you’re planning to do so, or you’re just lazing about at home. Amongst all the swimming goggles, pool floats and beach umbrellas, why not consider some holiday sliders for your little girl this summer? There are lots of great reasons to do so – here are some of our personal favourites!

They’re comfortable and practical

One of the many reasons why holiday sliders are so perfect for the summer is that they’re easy for your precious girl to slip on and off as she pleases, while keeping her feet cool and comfortable in the warmer weather. It means that she can run about and play as and when she wants to, saving you from a lot of fiddling with sandal straps in the process! They’re also perfect beachwear in that they’re very easy to dust off, so that there’s no danger of trooping sand back into the car – or even all the way back home. For much the same reasons, this means they’re also more comfortable for your little girl to travel in, too, and many of our holiday sliders have a soft textile backing for extra comfort.

They’re safe and protective

Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing on holiday – even if you’re staying in – safety is always going to be one of your top priorities for your little girl. Beaches can sometimes harbour some quite sharp objects, and not even man-made ones at that. Sliders are fantastic for guarding the soles of her feet against sharp stones, spiky twigs or gravel. They can also be useful at the poolside, providing a reasonable amount of grip. Don’t trust in them too much for this, though, as their grip can be affected by a lot of factors – it’s always best to discourage children from running on damp or wet surfaces, just in case!

They’re stylish!

We pride ourselves on having a great range for your little girl to choose from, right here at the Sparkle Club. You can help her put the finishing touches on her summer style, or let your favourite fashionista pick out her own! As well as being ideal for the summer weather, the girls glitter shoes and girls pink shoes we stock here at the Sparkle Club can also be put to good use for the rest of the year, for dressing up costumes and other occasions. It’s all up to you!

unicorn sliders

We’ve certainly got no shortage of styles for your little girl to choose from – some of our customers’ most popular favourites include our children’s white Harry Potter slider sandals, and these girls’ rainbow faux fur sliders.

If you’re having trouble making your decision, or you have any questions about any of our products, we’re always on hand – just give us a call on 01254 296 544, and we’ll help however we can!

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Written by: Jane Proctor
30 May 2019