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You may find it helpful to read the sizing guide below before you place your order.

It may surprise you to know but shoe sizes can vary slightly from one manufacturer to another, and children's feet come in many shapes and sizes!  In order to help you to determine the best shoe size to buy for your little Princess, we've come up with a sizing guide.

Ask your child to stand upright with her back against the wall and her heels touching the wall / skirting board. Now measure the length from the wall / skirting board to the end of her longest toe. This should give you an approximate foot length.

One thing to keep in mind while measuring her feet is that most people have one foot slightly longer than the other. In fact it is quite common for there to be up to a full size difference between one foot and the other!

So, always measure both feet and use the measurement from the wall to the end of the longest toe on the largest foot.

Size 8 - approx foot length 150mm to 156mm

Size 9 - approx foot length 158mm to 164mm

Size 10 - approx foot length 166mm to 172mm

Size 11 - approx foot length 174mm to 180mm

Size 12 - approx foot length 182mm to 188mm

Size 13 - approx foot length 190mm to 196mm

Size 1 - approx foot length 198mm to 204mm

Size 2 - approx foot length 206mm to 212mm

Size 3 - approx foot length 215mm to 221mm


0-3 months = 10.5 cms

3-6 mths = 11 cms

6-12mths = 12cms

12-18mths = 13cms


1-2 Years - Height 86-92cms, Chest 51-53cms, Waist 51-52cms

2-3 Years - Height 92-98cms, Chest 53-55cms, Waist 51-53cms

3-5 Years - Height 98-110cms, Chest 54-62cms, Waist 53-56cms

6-8 Years - Height 116-128cms, Chest 60-66cms, Waist 58-60cms

9-11 Years - Height 134-146cms, Chest 69-76cms, Waist 61-66cms

 This is only an approximate guide to fitting and does not take into account width fittings etc but it should help to give an indication of size. All of our shoes have an average width fitting.